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"The problem with most local car shows is that for the most part, anyone can show their car. These cars get accepted into these shows without having any kind of screening for their modifications. I would like to see a show that guarantees a display of the real best builds and cars locally. Definitely no stock Dodge Darts with steelies and winter wheels"

- Anonymous Velocity Supporter

Our "Catfish Policy"

We have developed the idea that to ensure the best cars make it to display at our show, the cars will be looked at before entering the showspace. We will have some members of our team

(the Catfish Police) to inspect cars as they come in to make sure they meet with our requirements. This does not disclude stock cars, a stock car that is valuable and/or rare in that condition will be more than welcome at our show! Our Catfish Police will be turning away cars that do not meet our expectations. This includes but is not limited to, panels that are not full attached, bad wrap jobs, pick'n'pull specials, and any other details that our team believes is not alligning with our Policy.

This rule will apply to EVERY car/motorcycle that enters the show.

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